Divinity of the Temple

Shree Panchdeo Mandir

Sacred Shrine
Shree Panchdeo Mandir

Shree Panchdeo Temple [Baba Gangaram Dham] is situated in Jhunjhunu,a district town of Rajasthan, which is the core of the well known Shekhawati province. Every core of this province speaks its own history of bravery and valour. The excellent fresco paintings of havelees attracts a steady flow of tourists throughout the year. Shekhawati region offers many resorts of beauty, besides its religious & pilgrimage centres to the tourist. The Aravali ranges are embracing the south eastern part of the region.

The Temple lies at the entrance of the town. The Shrine is enclosed in a spacious courtyard with lofty boundary wall. The elegant sky scraper Shikkhars (pagodas) with intricate carvings, captivate the visitors. The holy Dhwaja (ensign) flown on the top of the Shikkhars seems to be spreading the message of peace to the entire universe. The verdant garden view beautifies the temple environment alone. The temple is a model of cleanliness and calmness.

Temple Shrine

The holy Shrine stands in the centre of the compound. The covered landing of the temple is floored with coloured marbles. The temple is a model of Vastu Shilpa. The architecture and design of the temple exhibits aesthetic sense of the plan maker. The temple was inaugurated by H.H. Jagadguru Sri Shankaracharya of Puri, on the auspicious day of Ganga Dasahara in the year 1975 A.D. Many miraculous anecdotes are associated with the construction of this temple [Refer:The Divine Glory ]

Icon of Lord Shree Baba Gangaram.


Icon of Goddess Durga

Icon of Lord Hanuman.


Icon of Goddess Laxmi

Lord Shiva with Family

The Deities

The glorious history of the temple is adorned with great sacrifice, asceticism, adoration and truthfulness. Baba has sanctified the place by manifesting Himself in the form of Sri Vigraha (icon). In the garbha grah (sanctum sanctorum), the icon of the presiding deity, Lord Baba Gangaram is installed on mulpeetha ( alter). Sri Vigraha is in a sitting posture of Yoga Mudra. He is facing to east and blessing the devotees with His beaming and gracious look. One falls under His divine spell, the moment he lay eyes on Him.

There are images of Goddess Durga on the left and Goddess Laxmi on the right. They fascinates the visitor in their full bejewelled glory. Besides these images, Lord Shiva’s image is also installed with his family ( His consort Parwati and sons- Ganesh and Kartikeya). The icon of Lord Shiva is in the form of Shiva Lingam (Phallus). A life size marble icon of Lord Hanuman in standing and blessing posture is installed at the left of the main temple. All the images are a model of the iconographic significance of the sculpture. As there are five images of deities, the temple is christened as ‘Panchdeo Mandir’.

Holy Water and Sacred Soil

The water of the temple well is reputed to have medicinal properties. It does not get spoilt even after years, like Gangajal. Similarly the sacred soil (Raj) of temple is believed to have a quality of panacea. Therefore the pilgrims visiting the temple, carry away with them the holy water and sacred soil (Raj) to their home & use them in troubles and diseases.



Modigarh - The birthplace of Baba.

Modigarh - The birth place of Baba

The colossal shrine of Modigarh, situated in the heart of the town, is only I Km away from the temple. The place has been sanctified after the manifestation of Lord Baba Gangaram. The birth anniversary ceremonies of Baba is celebrated at this sacred place every year with festive enthusiasm. Sobhayatra (Procession), which began from the temple comes to an end at this very place.

Bhakt Shiromani Deokinandan Akshay Bhawan in the premises.








Timings of Aarti & Archana

The daily routine of archana and aarti starts at early dawn. The timings of aarti are regulated according to the season.


Aarti Summer Winter
1. Mangla 4.00 A.M. 5.00 A.M.
2. Shringar 5.00 A.M. 6.00 A.M.
3. Bhog 8. 00 A.M. 8.30 A.M.
4. Vishram 12.00 Noon 12.00 Noon
5. Uthapan 4. 00 P.M. 3.00 P.M.
6. Sandhya 7.30 P.M. 6. 00 P.M.
7. Shayana 10. 00 P.M. 9.30 P.M.

Heaveanly Place-Shree Panchdeo Mandir.

Temple is impartially opened for the bliss of the entire mankind of any caste, sect and religion. The devotees visiting Panchdeo Mandir are infused with celestial and spiritual pleasure. This results a large number of devotees drawn to the temple every year.